Rules of granting of hotel services

General provisions:

   Hotel "Alir" is intended for temporary residence of citizens regardless of their place of permanent residence and registration. The business of the hotel is governed by the current legislation of Ukraine. The mode of operation of the hotel around the clock. Check-in time is 14:00 check - out time- 12-00. The payment is charged per day / night according to the estimated hours.


The procedure of registration of residence:

   Room (space) provided to citizens with a passport or document that replaces it, filled in the questionnaire in the prescribed form and payment of the cost of living in the room. Settlement of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship (hereinafter - foreigners) is conducted on a common basis upon presentation of national passports of foreigners or documents proving their identity. The procedure of registration of national passports of foreigners is determined by the current legislation of Ukraine. When space is available and upon request of a citizen he may be given a room for two or more seats with full payment of the room. After the paperwork for accommodation and payment for accommodation in a room, the citizen is issued a document (invoice ) about payment of the room ( space) and the room key. Documents (the passport or other documents) are not accepted by the hotel as collateral.


The procedure of reservation and payment of hotel services:

   The hotel administration has the right to conclude agreements on the reservation of rooms ( places). Subject to availability of seats the administration is taking bookings from legal and physical persons (further - customers ). Applications for room reservation ( places) in the hotels for individuals, citizens and groups sent by the customer within the period specified by the administration, according to the signed agreement. Check-in time is 14:00 . Check - out time- 12:00. For stays of less than a day the payment is made for the estimated full day , according to the set time of the settlement and the estimated hours. Early check-in from 00:00 to 06:00 charge 100% of room rate accommodation. Early check-in from 06:00 to 14:00 charge 50% of one night cost. Late check out from 12:00 to 18:00 charge 50% of room rate accommodation. Late check out after 18:00 and 00:00 carries a surcharge of 100% of the cost of one night accommodation. For children under 6 years without extra bed is free of charge.


The rights and duties of citizens:

   Guests staying in the hotel shall follow the "policies" of fire safety regulations and other normative documents and legislation of Ukraine. First and foremost, as the release locations are provided by: veterans of war, invalids of the second group, as well as citizens referred to the first and second categories in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On status and social protection of citizens which suffered owing to Chernobyl catastrophe", families with children under 5 years.


Citizens staying in the hotel are not permitted:

   To enter and to store in non-substances, materials and items which are dangerous to life and health of citizens and preservation of property. Pets are not allowed. Leave the room by unauthorized persons during its absence , and give them the room key. Transferable your card According to the Law of Ukraine № 4844 -VI of 24.05.2012 of the year it is prohibited to smoke tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs on the territory of the hotel (rooms, corridors, lobby and restaurant). Smoking is permitted in designated area.


The use of the premises of the conference halls:

   Staff involved in reception and customer service, have appropriate professional training, speak foreign languages to the extent necessary. At the written request of the consumer, the hotel can provide technical time, no more than 30 minutes before the event is defined as the time required for the preparation of the event and 30 minutes after. The placement of any advertising materials on the walls, furniture of the hotel is strictly prohibited. The damages caused by the consumer or participants as a result of injury, loss, damage property, shall be reimbursed by the consumer or by the parties in full, in the amount that covers the actual losses to the hotel on the basis of the Act of damage, within five banking days from the date of said Act. The consumer has no right to use the premises of the hall (meeting room) for any other purpose, except those that were specified in the written order.


Citizens if there are deficiencies in the services rendered is entitled to:

   To demand the elimination of shortcomings in the Ukrainian Legislation and other normative acts, period. To terminate the contract and claim damages, if the services rendered were not corrected deficiencies. Guests staying in the hotel, served in restaurants, bars and other services of the hotel, out of turn.